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Everyone has a wonderful demeanor, the work was fast and painless, and my trust was earned as soon as I walked in the door. Dr. Jacobsen is a gem, and I feel elated to finally have found a really solid, good dentist/orthodontist in this city.

Molly T.

I Have been seeing Mark Jacobson as my dentist for about three decades. He’s right up to date on technology (brilliant machine makes your onlays while you wait–no need for second trip), but it’s his genuine attitude of caring and concern that makes it almost fun to go to the dentist. No pain, and perfect teeth. What a great thing!

Pamela P.

Dr. Jacobson and staff are really a great professional team. For someone who really dreads going to the dentist, Dr. Jacobson has been a great physician and healer. As dental issues provide a pathway to serious health conditions, he has made me aware of the opportunities for better health that good oral hygiene provides.

Jean-Louis H.

I trust Dr. Jacobson completely. He is kind, patient, and has a great sense of humor. He also solved long standing dental problems for me, and has pretty much rebuilt my mouth! I love all his high tech, up to the minute equipment, and more important, he knows how to use it.

Alexandra P.

For me this was the very best experience I have ever had in a dentist office ever. I am actually looking forward to having my work completed and having a perfect smile all thanks to Midtown Dental and Dr. J!!! My New Year is starting off on the right path; a path to becoming healthier and where better to start than with my smile!!

R. Britton

Hello,I want to thank you and your staff for working on my teeth. They feel great, unbelievable that there was no discomfort less than 24 hours after the appointment. ..It was great to be able to do both crowns in 1 day and get be able to sit through a season of 30Rock episodes simultaneously.

Craig P.

I was introduced to Dr.Jacobson over twenty five years ago and utilized his extensive knowledge of Dentistry for he has kept pace with the increasing technological advances over the years. He has moved Dentistry to a new curriculum…”Art”.

If you’re looking for dental care from an exceptionally skilled professional who is invariably available when you need him, who is courteous and considerate, who does not keep you waiting on appointments, whose prices are competitive, you get that and more from Dr. Mark Jacobson. After many years, I finally have a dentist I can recommend. I have found even post-procedures dental work remarkably pain free due to his skill and Dr. Jacobson is the only dentist who has ever called me at home after extensive dental surgery to see how I’m doing. Let’s see you beat that!

Robert Fried, Ph.D., New York, NY.

I would like to thank Dr. Jacobson and his staff for their continuous dedication to provide us, their patients, with best dental care. Over the years, I’ve come to this office for variety of reasons, beginning with regular cleaning, check-ups and fillings to more serious intervention, such as a gum surgery I had to have recently. After insuring that the surgery was absolutely necessary, his staff made me as comfortable as possible and Dr. Jacobson performed the surgery flawlessly and painlessly. He made sure that I have his cell phone number and can reach him at home after hours had I needed to and he called himself that evening to check on me: I didn’t feel any unexpected discomfort and the healing was very rapid in the following days. At the moments like this, you know that you are in the hands of truly dedicated professional, who care about your well-being beyond the call of duty. My extended gratitude goes to Dr. Jacobson and his staff.

Robin Bratter

I have been a patient of Dr. Jacobson for the past 8 years and would highly recommend his practice for the excellent work, convenience, efficiency and courteous staff. Every time I come to his office, he has something new, improved and modernized: he implements the newest in dental technology and pays close attention, resulting in great work during an efficient and pleasant visit. Dr. Jacobson was able do my root canal painlessly in one visit and later, with his Cerec equipment, I got a porcelain crown in the same day – his uncompromising quality and efficiency are invaluable for me and truly appreciated.

D. S.

Dear Dr. Jacobson,
It is now over twenty five years when I first started having my dental work done by you. I note with satisfaction that I have no regret in this choice I made with you as my dentist. My experience with you has been gratifying. When my emergencies occurred, which were twice over the years, they were handled after hours in the office without any hesitation on your part. I am continually loyal to your service.

George Murphy

My wife and I, as well as many of our friends, have been patients of Marc Jacobson for more than 20 years. His work if first rate in all respects and it is clear that his knowledge of dentistry goes far beyond any dentist I have encountered. In addition, his office staff is professional and congenial in all respects. I could not recommend him more highly.

Mark Jacobson embodies the best of medicine. He observes, listens, and analyses. He cures. His practice of dentistry goes far beyond his superlative technical skills. He did not dismiss my teenage son’s persistent cavities because of my son’s persistent candy-munching. Instead, Dr. Jacobson took a detailed patient history, a close examination, and correctly diagnosed a significant reflux problem. My son is now on needed medication — which would not have happened without Dr. Jacobson. Again, by taking a time-consuming, Sherlock Holmes-like patient history, he discovered the dietary source of my own dental problems. Dr. Jacobson is a tremendously skilled practitioner. He keeps up with the medical literature, and devotes study and resources to maintaining the high level of his office’s technology. My family is indebted to the care he gives us.

On November 24, Dr. Mark Jacobson performed bone surgery on my lower left molar. I was fairly nervous about the procedure, which took about an hour. At no time during surgery did I experience any real discomfort or pain. Dr. Jacobson was gentle at all times and was extremely solicitous of what I was experiencing. He even provided me with Valium which took the edge off of my anxiety prior to the initiation of the procedure. He is to be commended for a job well-done, particularly in light of the fact that he was working in a difficult-to reach area. I highly recommend him to anyone needing periodontal surgery.

Stephen Rosenberg

For more than a dozen years Dr. Jacobson has provided my wife and I with excellent state of the art dental care. Through the years, whether the service was major i.e. my wife’s veneers, various caps, bonding etc., or just routine x-rays, exams or cleanings, the procedures were performed professionally and the results were always outstanding. The current state of our dental health is excellent and Dr. Jacobson is the reason why. We highly recommend his service.

Michael and Patricia Leonetti

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